Safety and Security

Safety and Security

At Happiest Baby, nothing is more important than the health and safety of babies.

We’re obsessively dedicated to reducing new parent exhaustion and exhaustion-related suffering: marital stress, depression, breastfeeding failure, car accidents, obesity, and infant deaths caused by unsafe sleep practices (like bed sharing and stomach sleeping).

That’s why we spent 7 years testing and perfecting our SNOO Smart Sleeper—with hundreds and hundreds of babies—before bringing it to families across America and around the world.

We hold ourselves to the highest ideals in the world. 

SNOO has won 22 top honors, including the National Sleep Foundation's Innovation of the Year.  It's even part of the permanent collection of America’s national museum, the Smithsonian.

SNOO meets or exceeds every baby safety, health, and privacy standard! From design to security, SNOO is the safest baby bed ever made.


SNOO and Infant Sleep Death

Each year, approximately 3,600 American babies go to bed at night…never to wake up again. Doctors call these tragic deaths SUID (Sudden Unexpected Infant Death). Some SUID is from problems like suffocation and some— with no obvious cause— are called SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

In the early 1990’s, doctors began saying babies should only sleep on the back. Over the next few years, SIDS/SUID dropped 50%! However, since 1999, despite dedicated efforts of doctors and the government, we have made no progress in reducing these tragic deaths.

Today, despite back sleeping being the #1 safe sleep advice of the American Academy of Pediatrics’, half of all SIDS/SUID occurs when babies roll to the stomach, or are placed face down by exhausted parents.

The good news is that SNOO keeps babies safely secured on the back—for all naps/all night. Babies have slept safely in their SNOOs for over 100,000,000 hours. Finally, parents can sleep with the peace of mind that their baby will sleep safer while they also get much-needed rest.


SNOO Safety vs. Inclined Sleepers, Risky Rockers, and Other Moving Beds

While lying on the back is the safest sleep position, some babies have trouble sleeping in that position. On the back, babies startle and wake themselves more often. As a result, exhausted parents—desperate for a little sleep—have been tempted to use unsafe sleepers, like rocking beds and inclined sleepers. These devices can cause babies to slump into a dangerous position or roll to the stomach. After years on the market, millions of these sleepers have been recalled because they’ve contributed to over 70 deaths.

SNOO, on the other hand, gives parents peace of mind because it gives babies the rocking they love, but prevents unsafe rolling to the stomach.

Note: SNOO’s special leg lifters safely elevate a baby’s head (to help reduce a stuffy nose and spitting up), but do not turn SNOO into an inclined sleeper. Unlike unsafe sleepers which position babies at a precarious 30-degree angle, SNOO leg lifters raise the head just 2.5 degrees. That’s well under 10 degrees, the maximum angle allowed by the federal government.


SNOO’s Security Measures

From day one, Happiest Baby's world-class team of scientists and engineers have ensured that SNOO's security surpasses any comparable consumer product. SNOO also complies with the most stringent privacy rules in the United States (CCPA: California Consumer Privacy Act) and Europe (GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation). And, it has multiple firewalls to ensure internet integrity and security. We are pleased to share that there has never been a breach of a family’s SNOO...ever!  

Every day, the internet grows more complex. That’s why our dedicated specialists work tirelessly to improve and strengthen our protections. Nevertheless, for parents who are nervous about intrusions, we offer 100% hacking protection: Just push in the Wi-Fi off switch—located under the SNOO—to completely disconnect from the internet (see instructions here). That makes intrusion absolutely impossible, while still giving babies the wonderful sleep and safety benefits that makes SNOO such a beloved member of the family

Wifi button position under SNOOWifi off/on

Happiest Baby is deeply committed to the health and safety of every baby and parent who uses SNOO.

If you have any questions, our team is happy to support you and your family with information and advice, please reach us via our toll-free number (855) 424-6323 or at